Montag, 9. April 2012

Drinking our greens...

Last week I talked about “greens” and what they are.  This week I’d like to share how to get at the good stuff found in the leafy stuff!  Victoria Boutenko author of “Green for Life” states that the nutrients in a plant are stored in the plants cells.  Plants cellulose, what mainly makes a plant, has “one of the strongest molecular structures on the planet” (p 24, “Green for Life”).  And because Greens contain more “valuable nutrients that any other food group” means we need to eat MORE Greens! (Oh boy, I knew Popeye had something going for him!)  But due to the fact that cellulose has such a strong molecular structure the only way to get to these important nutrients is by rupturing the cell walls!  Usually this is done when we chew our food.  Yet rarely do we chew our food to the creamy consistency needed to cash in on the benefits!  This is where smoothies come in!  Mixing our greens in a blender along with some fruit etc breaks down the cellulose in the greens and at the same time releasing the beneficial nutrients.  And voila!  A green smoothie is born!  So now we drink our greens, what a revolutionary idea!

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